GBK, Providers of Professional Boarding Services for Ottawa Dogs and Cats since 1978

About our Kennels


Gloucester Kennels was founded in 1978 with the belief that dogs and cats deserve the best care possible.  Co-founders Claire Aupry and Robert Beauchamp originally owned and operated Green Acres stables.

As the business grew, clients starting inquiring about boarding their other pets, like dogs and cats. In response to customer demands, Claire and Robert constructed a specialized boarding facility for dogs and cats and began exclusively boarding small pets.

Robert grew up with a faithful border collie mix named Mickey that instilled in him a deep love of animals and a great sense of responsibility to four-legged friends.

Claire has a remarkable ease and connection with animals, resulting from her farming background. From horses to doves, Claire knows animals. She is highly dedicated and has a strong attention to detail in addition to a compassion for all animals. She also has extensive gardening knowledge, and her talents are demonstrated in the lush landscaping seen everywhere on the property.

Jocelyne has committed herself to a career working with animals and has been with Gloucester Kennels for many years. Her dedication, care, and level of professionalism make her a perfect fit with the organization. Jocelyne’s dog, Aspen, uses Gloucester Kennels’ daycare daily.

Claire and Fernand grew up on a farm in Embrun where animals were extended family members. Fernand has a love and passion for animals and his mechanical savvy keeps everything running smoothly.

Lyne grew up with animals and has been caring for Gloucester Kennels’ guests since she can remember. She also answers email inquiries and practices pet photography.

Allison, Angela & Shandril have been with Gloucester Kennel for several years and contribute in keeping our guests happy, healthy, and especially fit.  They are always thinking of new ways to entertain and exercise our guests.

We are extremely lucky to have Claire, Robert, Jocelyne, Fernand, Lyne, Allison, Angela and Shandril on board and are grateful for their passion and kindness to all our furry and feathered guests.