GBK, Providers of Professional Boarding Services for Ottawa Dogs and Cats since 1978

Ottawa Dog Boarding

Ottawa dog boardingOur Ottawa dog boarding facilities consist of private inside kennels that are fully heated and air conditioned and include partially covered outside runs, which allow dogs to enjoy the country surroundings without having to worry about weather conditions. Dogs are let out at regular intervals during the day, to ensure a healthy and active lifestyle during their stay.

All Canine Boarding Packages

    • Morning room service where beds are made and kennels are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, while dogs get some fresh air
    • Various menu options from our kitchen including Pedigree brand kibble. However, many owners choose to bring in their own speciality foods from home. We store perishable products in the refrigerator or freezer and heat gourmet dishes for pets that prefer hot meals in the microwave.
    • Hygienic, stainless steel food and water dishes that are washed daily

Post-exercise snacks, providing your pet has no allergiesTurn down service at bedtime where bedding is fluffed and toys are arranged to ensure a comfortable rest for your pet

Unlike so-called cage-free environments, we believe dogs need their own personal space to rest and relax after a full day of activities. Dogs retire to their private quarters in the evening without the risk of being nudged awake by other guests

Optional Services
Extra services such as walks, bathing, medication, and transportation are available for a modest price

Dog boarding in Ottawa - PlaytimeExercise Options
Most of our exercise options are conducted off-leash within one of our two secure perimeters of over 4000 square feet, allowing dogs ample room to explore and exercise. Walks can be a social or private activity, depending on your dog’s mood and temperament, which will be assessed on a daily basis by our experienced attendants. Our playgrounds have a wide array of entertaining toys such as balls, kongs, ropes, and frisbees for the sport of the day. During the warmer months, we have pools to help the dogs stay refreshed during the dog days of summer. All activities are supervised and include plenty of cuddle time, to ensure our four-legged guests get all the love and attention they deserve during their outings.

Group Walks (Playtime)

  • Groups are hand-picked for a safe and healthy playtime. Group walks are a wonderful socializing opportunity for your dog. Regular exposure to friendly canines is beneficial to both your dog’s physical and mental well being. We witnessed the transformation of many shy and meek dogs into confident and outgoing individuals.
  • Group sizes and types are arranged to accommodate the various personalities of our guests. They range from fast paced high energy sessions to small and intimate groups designated exclusively for older and arthritic dogs that love to mingle in a gentle sniffing fashion.
  • All group activities are supervised at all times and change daily as guests check-in and out, giving your dog the opportunity to make new acquaintances while remaining fit and healthy

Individual Quiet Time (Private Walk)
Private walks are best for guests that prefer the company of people instead of other dogs. Private walks are a great option for non social or older dogs that prefer to have the place and the care taker to themselves. They enjoy a leisurely and relaxing stroll with us.

Activities include fetch, tug of war, hide and seek, or relaxing in the shade for some TLC. We customize the activities according to your dog’s energy levels, mood, and sensitivity to weather conditions.

Please inquire within about our new exercise options!

Dog boarding, canine bathingBathing
A bath is an excellent way to pamper and refresh your canine with a spa-like experience in our dog friendly tub. All baths include the use of special fur enhancing shampoo and body massages. Prices are subject to an animal’s size and breed. Please inquire within for additional information and quotes.


We will gladly administer medication or ointment to your pet as long as detailed written or verbal instructions are provided.