Gloucester Boarding Kennels features a variety of exercise options for canine guests.

Group Playtime

Calling social butterflies. Ideal for canines that love to play and interact with doggies in a safe and fun setting. Our most popular exercise option is customized according to each dog’s personality, size, and energy levels for the best fun-loving experience.

Cardio Fetch

On your marks, get set, go!. Great for high energy dogs that love to run and retrieve. We have a variety of toys to entertain your canine in our 200+ feet in length exercise yard. This intense exercise session is great for dogs with a seemingly endless supply to energy.

Splash Time

Water-loving dogs will enjoy the pool! Splash time is a Summer favourite featuring a fresh supply of water, toys, and friends. Canines may either choose to lounge in the pool or shake things up by running around. Sessions are tailored according to each dog’s personality, size, and age.

Leash Walk

Enjoy a relaxing stroll with a member of our team amongst the lush greenery that surrounds Gloucester Kennels. Your pet sets the rhythm of the outing and we keep them company. Perfect for older dogs, pups in training, and dogs recently recovering from surgery.

Individual Quiet Time

Ideal for people dogs, shy personalities, and lap dogs. Your canine and a team member spend one on one time doing an activity they enjoy such as exploring the outdoors, rolling in the grass or cuddles on our lap. Individual Quiet Time offers fun and attention of at a slower pace and without any dog interactions.

Yes, we are open! Call 613 822-1393 for an appointment today.

Yes, we are open! Call 613 822-1393 for an appointment today.

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