Executive Suite: $ 27.00 (1 cat)

Executive Suite: $ 40.00 (2 cats)


Presidential Suite: $ 40.00 (1 cat)

Presidential Suite: $ 52.00 (2 cats)

Presidential Suite: $ 62.00 (3 cats)


* all pets staying together in shared accommodations must be from the same family

** all rates are per day or any part of the day

*** rates are subject to change at any time

Special Requests

If you need any services that are not listed, please contact us to discuss your needs, we will do our best to accommodate.


All felines suites are located in separate buildings from dogs to maximize your kitty’s comfort and relaxation in our care.

Executive Suites

All our spacious suites include large windows and multi level ledges.

In the Summer, all windows are open to let in the fresh country air and guests can enjoy nature’s entertainment from our bird feeders. In the Winter, all window viewing areas feature heating lamps for extra warmth and comfort.

Presidential Suites

Featuring the largest cat facilities in Ottawa, owners are free to replicate the comforts of home. Ideal for multi cat families or very energetic felines. Come visit to see our facilities and book your cat’s next vacation today.


Please bring your feline’s food for the duration of their stay with us. When bringing food from home, please store food in hard plastic containers or individually portioned plastic bags.

Please leave bowls and all dishes at home as they are provided for all guests.

Whiskas brand cat kibble is available from our kitchen at a cost of $2.00 per day. 




Featuring lots of one-on-one interaction with one of our team members and a wide assortment of entertaining toys. This service is provided for a small fee and is available exclusively to feline guests.